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March 6, 2013

To write a memoir or not?

      One of the reasons I want to write is that I love telling stories, and as narcissistic as it may be it's even better if the story is about myself.  After all, I lived it.  So some of the stories I've wanted to write lately are personal narratives and memoirs, however I'm not sure if anyone would want to read a compilation some of my memorable moments.  

       For one, my life isn't necessarily all that interesting.  I'm an average American, I tend to keep a low profile, and as a whole it would make a rather boring novel.  However, in pieces there are delightful little short stories, but how interesting are they?  Would a reader find the average-ness refreshing? 

      My second conundrum is how ethical it would be to fudge a few details for a more powerful impact on the reader.  Take for instance my first "memoir" The Haunted Wedding.  I don't like calling it a memoir because in reality I didn't really think I saw a ghost, I just thought there was an uncanny resemblance between the father and son in both looks and actions, but putting it in those terms certainly grabbed the reader's attention. Since the ending reflected the true experience I had, can I still call it "non-fiction"?

     Finally, I'm not sure I should start an auto-biography of sorts because I'm young.  There may be some good stories in my twenty-five short years, but not as many as someone older and wiser than I. 

     So readers, any thoughts?  I always love input so feel free to comment.