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September 28, 2013

Writer's Block Help

Do you need a plot twist or a writing prompt?  Hopefully this will help.  It’s based on something my favorite Dungeon Master would do.  Shuffle a deck of cards and pick one.  Each card causes something different to happen to your character.  It could be as simple as a slight change in health points or as drastic as a sex change.  So I’ve come up with 53 potential plot twists (some are admittedly similar.) Most of them apply to any character in your story; major, minor, or main. So grab a deck of cards (or pick a number) and choose three (in case one doesn’t work at all) and find a way to weave it into your story.  Enjoy!

P.S. If you’re choosing three numbers, I don’t recommend choosing numbers that are close together.  For example choosing 21, 22, and 23 won’t give you a wide variety of choices.

1. Joker: Main Character gets humiliated

2. A:  Someone dies
3. K:  Hospitalized or equivalent (i.e. bedridden, sickbay, ect.)
4. Q:  Experience Amputation (simple as an ear or serious as a limb)
5. J:  Poisoned
6. 10:  Tortured
7. 9:  Vandalized
8. 8:  Meet a unique/odd individual
9. 7:  Get in a fight
10. 6:  Incarcerated or equivalent (for children’s/YA stories detention)
11. 5:  Arrested (may or may not be followed by incarceration)
12. 4:  Minor illness (cold, flu, ect.)
13. 3:  Someone gets pregnant
14. 2:  New baby (surprise birth, baby on doorstep, or inherit an older kid)

15. A:  Sustain violent injury (shooting, explosion, ect.)
16. K:  Sustain psychological trauma
17. Q:  Brain injury/Amnesia
18. J:  Loose partial or full eyesight (temporary or permanent)
19. 10:  Loose partial or full hearing (temporary or permanent)
20.  9:  Experience natural disaster (Flood, Tornado, ect.)
21. 8:  Experience unnatural disaster (Car/Plane crash, bombing, ect.)
22. 7:  Lose hair (natural balding or hair removal cream in the shampoo)
23. 6:  Acquire a new weapon (anything from a squirt gun to the Death Star)
24. 5:  Experience culture shock
25. 4:  Get eerily personal fortune/prophesy (you decide if it comes true)
26. 3: Flashback
27. 2: Acquire a new skill

28. A:  Acquire a large sum of money (legally)
29. K:  Get promoted or equivalent
30. Q:  New job/career
31. J:  Get demoted or equivalent
32. 10:  New car or new form of transportation
33. 9:  Receive a rather generous gift
34. 8:  Acquire an inheritance (the size is up to you)
35. 7:  New defensive mechanism/new armor
36. 6:  Enter/play a game
37. 5:  Accusation of stealing/robbery
38. 4:  Win a bet
39. 3:  Lose a bet
40. 2:  Lose a large sum of money

41. A:  Experience love at first sight
42. K:  Accused/caught in infidelity
43. Q:  Get married
44. J:  Surprise/unexpected marriage proposal
45. 10:  Get asked on a date
46. 9:  Experience gender identity crisis or something similar (i.e. Boy has to wear tights)
47. 8:  Romantic encounter
48. 7:  Get a new look/haircut and it looks better
49. 6:  Get a new look/haircut and it looks terrible
50. 5:  Receive a gift from someone special
51. 4:  Get kissed (the reaction is up to you)
52. 3:  Cultural/Family identity crisis (i.e. finding out about adoption, or disagrees with a newly learned cultural norm)
53. 2:  Experience heartbreak