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April 30, 2013

IWSG May 1st 2013

      I have so many things on my mind, but luckily writing IS one.  I've been brainstorming ways to use bits of time for writing.  Half of my writing is on a computer, the other in notebooks.  Only one comes with me everywhere.  I've been looking at possibly paying for a writing app for my phone but I'm weary of paying for an app that may not even be what I want. Any advice?

       For writers who are looking for support this May first; I was recently reminded of one of may favorite quotes:  Do what you love and the money (or success) will follow.  If you enjoy it, why give it up?  Just keep at it.  If nothing else you have something in your life that makes you happy and a dream to hold on to.

        This has been short and sweet and hopefully that means I'll get a chance to visit other IWSGers.  Happy May everyone and keep writing!

April 6, 2013

Writing update

It is about time I visit my blog again.  Here is my news:

1.  For any visitors that have previously commented that I should remove captcha, I did and I think I need it back for a bit. The comments seem a bit...sketchy. 

2.   This isn't "new" but I don't think I've posted it before.  I'm going to try to keep my writing clean.  I'll be the first to admit that it's hard to write an anger-filled fight scene without a few curses flying around, and I'm not always able to do it.

3.  Wring and I had a trial separation and we're still working on going steady again.  It seems to be an on-again off-again relationship right now.

4.  I have almost come to the conclusion that I need to do a major revision of the middle part of my draft of The Mythical Male.  When I feel courageous I may take another look, however that is not a good way to restart a relationship with writing.

5.  I have written a few chapters of Princess Knights.  I'm not sure I can even call it a first draft.  It is a first attempt at telling part of a story in my head.  That I am sure of.

6.  I have an idea and plot for a story that would be tremendously controversial.  How so?  It would be a Christian fiction that would go along with some of what I stated in my post: Do I Dare?

7.  I thank everyone who reads this.  I've been struggling with feeling like a failure in many ways, especially with writing.  If you're reading this, I'm not a complete failure as a writer.  That's a step in the right direction.