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May 9, 2013

Sneaky Stress

Ah, the internet.  The perfect place to get something off my chest.  Warning: Foul Language in this post.

      Have you ever NOT realized you were stressed?  I mean yeah,  there's a lot on your plate and and you've been over worked and under-slept but you can handle... WHO THE F*** LEFT THIS OPEN?!?!
      It happens just like that.  You know there are issues, but it's all fine and dandy until one little thing goes wrong and then you flip.  You had no idea you were so stressed out and then suddenly you're giving the world the finger.
      In the past year I have only used my vacation time for sick leave and bereavement leave.  Due to short staffing issues I haven't been able to get a vacation.  Finally I got it.  Two weekdays and a weekend where I can do anything I want.  Well, I have some catching up to do on the most important project of the year, I need to write thank you letters for the gifts I just got, but I should have plenty of time to just sit at my laptop and work on my writing.  Right?
      My power cord chose this day to break.  To say that I lost it is putting it lightly.  First I get a "fits-all-models" replacement from the electronics store.  It barely works.  I go to order a replacement part online with what battery life I have left and something doesn't go right and I online chat for support.  I'm about to complete my purchase by clicking a link in the chat's not compatible with Mozilla.  I finagle it to work in IE and then there's some sort of registration and I ask for help with my chat person and they mysteriously disappear. The session times out and I'm asked for feedback.  Of course at this point I just want to tell them to go [expletive] themselves.  But I honestly rate the support team as knowledgeable and my experience as lousy, but the comment box for "How can we improve?" is smaller than my pinky finger.
       This computer fiasco was just the final straw in a day full of things going wrong on my glorious day of vacation.  So if anyone asks how my vacation is going, I can't be held accountable for whatever comes out of my mouth.
       I know this is probably some of my worst quality writing but it feels so good to get it off my chest.