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July 6, 2013


           What I wouldn't give for a weekend alone just to write!  I almost got it this weekend but...I'm not even going to think about it lest I board the anxiety roller-coaster again.  My mind is bursting with ideas and that's not even including my WIPs.
            I am so proud of myself for actually making progress on my original WIP The Mythical Male.  I am very hard on myself in the self-editing process so it's not an easy task for me.  I have added a bit to my back-burner story called Princess Knights and further developed both characters and setting for a potential children's series called Psionic Squad.

           My other mini-project stems from a solution to a problem that more or less started my interest in writing.  I've always loved television and movies and I would go to sleep at night putting the characters into different scenarios and making my own plots, often skewing the characters completely.  Well I have some great fan-fiction plots in my head, but many of them involve uncharacteristic behavior and everything is copyrighted anyway.

          Well, a little birdie told me that the book Fifty Shades of Grey was originally a fan-fiction for Twilight, The author just changed the characters and the setting a bit and published a whole new series.   Why can't I do something like that?

          So I adjusted the characters a bit, combined a couple into one person, and have yet to set up a setting, but my plots will work.  Are the plots any good?  Only time will tell.  I have a blurb about each of books in the series, but that's not even on the back burner yet.  I'd say the ingredients are on the counter. 

          So if you have been wondering where I've been (besides the usual work, more work, relationships, ect.) that's what I've been working on.  I hope all my writing friends are doing well and making more progress than I have, but I'm finding my pace.  Happy writing everyone!