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September 17, 2012

Characters in your life

Are you having trouble thinking of some character traits or a few funny quirks for someone in your story?  Stop thinking so hard and take a look around you.  Chances are your friends have a few oddities and they’re the normal ones in the group. 
What is one weird thing about them you can add to a character?  I do mean just one.  You don’t want your friend and your character to be the same, right?  What if your friends seem a little too normal?  Take something they do or something about them and put it out of context.  It’s weird.  Here are fifty odd traits of people I love; either exaggerated, out of context, or they’re just strange people:
1.      Picks nose when no one is looking
2.      Couldn’t do her own makeup if her life depended on it
3.      Will respond to a statement by saying, “Well, eeeee!
4.      Has non-verbal learning disability (
5.      Was an illegitimate child in the 1950’s and treated a lot like Pearl from The Scarlet Letter.  
6.      Had a “real-life” evil step-parent
7.      Super-Holy-Roller.  Watches nothing but the church channel and reads only Christian fiction and the Bible.
8.      Dyslexic
9.      Has webbed toes
10.  Both parents are preachers
11.  Gradually going deaf
12.  Sleeps with a teddy bear at 20-some years old
13.  Has a much older brother that is a celebrity but still visits regularly
14.  When mother remarried it was to her late husband’s sister’s ex-husband.  E.g. The kid’s step dad was her uncle
15.  Was home-schooled K-12
16.  Collects swords
17.  Wears “goth look” and isn’t afraid to act girly
18.  Due to an eye condition, can only wear glasses. No contacts. No surgery.
19.  Looks like a cheerleader, acts like a nun, is a cop.
20.  Laughs hysterically when in suspense
21.  Cat lover who is allergic to pet dander.
22.  5’6” girl weighing 125lbs still has insecurities about her body
23.  Someone who finishes every-other-sentence with an awkward giggle
24.  Twins that do everything together. Same classes, same hobbies, not conjoined but never apart. 
25.  Menopausal at age 30
26.  Lost a seven month old baby, then faced cancer within the same year
27.  Doesn’t plan for a ride when out drinking and gilts people into playing cabbie. Will DUI
28.  Hates chocolate
29.  Has stutter
30.  Messianic Jew
31.  Storm chaser wannabe
32.  Ham radio operator
33.  Reads the paper for the obituaries to see if they know anyone who died
34.  Somewhat psychic
35.  Goes by their middle name
36.  Speech defect:  r=w
37.  Has metal bars in back from scoliosis surgery
38.  Thrives on social awkwardness
39.  Teen mom
40.  Loves snakes, hates birds
41.  Lesbian Republican
42.  Hates children
43.  Straight guy/girl whose first kiss was with the same sex
44.  Starts every sentence with “So like…”
45.  Aced algebra, but can’t do basic arithmetic. 
46.  Has an odd fetish
47.  Has strange phobia (
48.  Control freak
49.  Aspiring writer that can’t spell.
50.  Meows when saddened. 

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