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September 29, 2012


     I made a very big discovery recently.  I am not a writer.  That's why my twitter account may be more or less abandoned and I may only make the occasional post on my blog for awhile.
    Many of you may be saying "No! Don't give up!" and I'd like to tell you that I'm not.  I may not be a writer but I am a writer in training.  I will keep writing.  Maybe a bit less publicly, but I'll be back.  I'll sneak a piece in here and there for everyone, but my online writing is on the back burner.
    Just when I was starting to get the balancing act down: work, family, writing, everything else;  everything was turned upside down and as it was getting put back together the balancing act changed.  My fiance started class and our time together is limited.  My work hours have changed, and I've started a project for Christmastime that is very important to me.  Yes, more important than writing (at least at this time in my life.)
    So my postings will be few and far between.  I may get a Six Sentence Sunday in here and there, I'll try to at least do an Insecure Writer's Support Group post.  I also have a few hand-written posts that I may type and post.  For now, I hope you'll be here for my few posts, and be here when I come back head first into writing  (and I will.)  See you awhile later!

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