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July 14, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 7/15/12

        Another Sunday, another six sentences.  I made major headway on draft one of my WIP The Mythical Male and have decided to finish the story before I do any revision.  Therefore I'm not very excited to share what I've got but I figured this part wasn't half bad.

        After some quiet chewing Tovi asked, “So is there anything the article didn’t cover that you’d like to know?”

       “Yeah actually, if earth dwellers don’t donate eggs and put them together to grow in a capsule, then how do you procreate?” Ziki asked.  

         Tovi stared at her blankly for a second. 

         “What’s the matter?” She asked. 

     I hope you enjoyed my six.  Make sure to check out other great writers participating in Six Sentence Sunday .


  1. Either she has a really good point, or things are very, very different there. I'll be back next week to find out!

  2. Really like this story idea! Nice six! I'm with ya on waiting to revise after the story is written. I do the same thing :) Thank you for sharing!

  3. This seems like it must be a really fun story to write. I can't wait until next week!

  4. Obviously the two societies (species?) are very different in how children come about!

  5. Intriguing! Can't wait to read the answer.

  6. Really interesting to take a look at something we take for granted by an entirely unique pov - hope this makes sense - writing fast before storm hits

  7. Now that was a mouthful of a question! Oh dear. I am with Liberty on this, I can't wait to hear her answer. ;)