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July 28, 2012

SSS 7/29/12

     Welcome to another Six Sentence Sunday!  I have been frustrated beyond all heck about my lack of writing time so hopefully you'll enjoy this tidbit.  It may or may not make it into my final manuscript of The Mythical Male, but I'm plugging along.  

    Here's the background you'll need to know:  Ziki Juxly (the first one to speak)  is from an all-female settlement on the moon and a few day prior to this she met a supposedly mythical creature during her earthcation -a man.  Tovi has taken her into his home for the remainder of Ziki's trip to show her what earth is really like, but they had a bit of a spat about whether or not it was a good idea for Ziki to attend the party of one of Tovi's lesser acquaintances.  Of course she went anyway, and in this bit she is about to learn the definition of "hangover."

            “I feel awful.  In more ways than one."

            “Well you’re hung-over for one, and two, you got the crap scared out of you in the most horrifying experience of your life, and three,  you barfed all over me.”

            “Thanks for the reminder,” Ziki said with every ounce of sarcasm she could muster.  “You know this means I’m moving my stuff back into your guestroom for the rest of my vacation, right?  As soon as I get over whatever illness this is.”

   I hope you enjoyed my six sentences!  Make sure to check out other great writers by clicking the Six Sentence Sunday icon above (or to the right.)


  1. interesting. for some reason I'm surprised she knows about sarcasm. And what happened?

  2. I like this character's voice. Nice six!

  3. Typical earthman reaction - lol! I'm not surprised she's moving back to the guest-room - but now I need to know what the most horrifying experience of her life was...

  4. Interesting concept. :)
    Hey, I don't see a button to click to follow your blog. . .