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August 20, 2012

Line Mine Monday #1

     Before my LOA from writing I was thinking about doing a once a week post with a theme.  Something like "Words for Wednesday" or "Monday Monologue" but I don't have a whole lot of time.  What I do have a whole lot of is one to two liners that are funny, philosophical, or just plain weird (especially out of context.)  

     My hope is that these lines will build a mine for writers to dig up some idea gold.  My first line for the mine packs a punch in a very tearful way.  I promise that not all of my lines are this depressing.  In fact this will be rare exception.

    So why now?  Why the first one?  Because it's been stuck in my head since the tragedy that started my LOA.  This line is the start of a true story for someone very close to me.  Perhaps you can write a happy ending for it.

"It was a beautiful summer afternoon when I saw my younger brother shoot himself in the head."

     The true story is still a WIP, but it is starting to look like a classic tale of overcoming adversity.  I hope you will come back for a much happier line next Monday to spark some writing thoughts. 

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