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August 26, 2012

Line Mine Monday #2

    Time for another Line Mine Monday.  Whether anyone reads this or not!  I promised that this week's post would be much more appealing than last week.  For those of you just joining (which according to my stats would be anyone reading this), I have a few random lines that need a home.  Some are funny, some are philosophical, others are just odd.  I hope they will spark some creativity in your writing.  Here it is:

"I'm going to sleep so long and so hard, people will think Sleeping Beauty had too much espresso."

     Thank you for stopping by and I hope I spark a thought or two.  If you have a random line that needs a home and you would like to contribute, leave a comment or send me an email.  Happy writing!

1 comment:

  1. That's a great line and I laughed at espresso. Hehe. Nice, keep them coming. :)