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August 25, 2012

Six Sunday Sunday 8/26/12

      Welcome to another six sentence Sunday!  Since I'm preparing in advance for Sunday, it's actually a very stormy Thursday night which leads me to post this chunk of six sentences from my WIP:

        Ziki watched as the pod drew closer and closer to a large cloud hovering over the middle of the continent.  Something didn’t seem quite right though.  As the pod got closer, it looked as if it were headed straight for a threatening hook poised as one edge of the giant white smear.  The pod kept moving faster and faster to the center of that menacing hook, like a fish about to become lunch.  Ziki didn’t know exactly what to expect but she knew that it wasn’t good.  She tightened her buckle and held her bag firmly, hoping that she was completely misjudging the situation.

        I hope you enjoyed my quick six.  Writing is gradually coming back into my life so maybe I'll get to a few more post these week.  If if I don't, you should check them out by clicking the link above.  


  1. On no! You can't stop there! She's in danger!

  2. If that's a radar hook and she's in the pod, I hope that pod is really well reinforced and has good shock absorbers!

  3. I hope so too! If not, things are gonna get dicey.

  4. What a scary situation. I hope Ziki will be okay.

  5. I like your analogy, "Like a fish about to become lunch." I hope everything turns out okay for her!