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June 9, 2012

Six Senetence Sunday 6/10/12

I have not been able to work on my writing as much as I'd like, however I do have six sentences that may intrigue you.  I will warn you it is still in the draft stage, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. 
If you read last week's post, this is from the same chapter, but I won't tell you if it comes before or after the last six.  >:)

      She tried to orient herself by gathering her surroundings. To her right, she could vaguely make out a pool of water with a rocky waterfall through trees that were bending against the force of the wind. Ziki saw in front of her some sort of structure. She tried to discern what it was, but it began to disappear into blackness as her consciousness grew weaker. She fell to the muddy ground, everything fading now, and just as everything went black, a pair of arms grabbed her. 

I hope you enjoyed the draft version of my six sentences!  Check out other great sixers at www.sixsunday.comI'll try to get to my fellow sixer's posts.  At the bare minimum I'll try to read the ones I didn't get to last week.   :)


  1. These sentences definitely intrigue me!

  2. I can tell this is a rough draft but there's some great material here to build on. And what a hook at the end! That's the really hard part so well done.