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June 7, 2012

What makes a writer?

Since I was unable to edit and revise the blog I wanted to post, I will be posting some musing on writing.

      What makes a writer?  In essence, a writer is someone who, well, writes.  Everyone writes somethings.  Whether it's a Facebook status, an email, or a reminder on a post-it note-everyone writes.  The difference is whether you write for work or play.
     I write for fun.  I love telling stories in a way that make people want more.  Since I write these stories and these thoughts, I consider myself a writer.  The real question is, at what point am I a successful writer?
     Success comes on many different levels no matter what your goal is.  One level is passing a course, another is getting a diploma, and the ultimate success may be landing the dream job.  When it comes to my writing, I can only take pride in my mini-accomplishments and dream big.
     Step one is being taken seriously as a writer, which to my surprise has come easier than I thought.  People enjoy my work and give me suggestions.  Even more surprising is that they take my suggestions seriously.  So I feel successful enough to call myself a writer.
    The next step will be to have a published work.  Even self-published would be a big achievement for me.  From there I can only hope that someone is willing to pay to read what I've written.
     My "big" dreams that I'm not expecting to accomplish (but will still try for) include getting published by a publisher.  Beyond that I dream of becoming a best-seller, and I would love if my novel was turned into a movie (no matter how much they butcher it.)
     Now its time to bring myself back down to earth.  I have been lucky to have made it this far.  My "formal" training is English class (High school and college) and one creative course in high school.  Even then, I didn't take honors English because I can't spell.  If it weren't for spell check this blog would be riddled with spelling errors and I'm sure it has plenty of grammar errors as well.
    Even if you get down to the bare mechanics of writing, I fail.  I am typing this with a maximum of three fingers at a time and hand-writing wouldn't be any better.  My handwriting is atrocious.  I've posted a picture from my "writer's notebook" below. 
     As you can see, my chicken scratch is only somewhat legible to the average reader.  It is only completely legible to myself and (if what I've heard about doctor's handwriting is true) pharmacists.
    Well, I hope you enjoyed my musing.  If you didn't, I understand and I promise I will try to keep my blog either helpful or interesting.  I was crunched for time and wanted to post something in between SSS.  Yeah, I know...excuses, excuses...

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